Our Re-Covery Home

The Re-Covery Home is not a treatment facility, a halfway house or a sober house. It is a recovery home, a place where sustainable recovery begins and where we utilize our means, knowledge and network to fulfil our mission and to serve humanity.



We strive to help those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and addiction to recover fully and embrace a new way of life. To achieve this, we offer a tailored, holistic, evidence-based, private and discreet program.
By doing so, it will promote self-worth, acceptance, and personal responsibility by teaching the essential re-cover skills and know-how necessary for a recovered person to lead a healthy, fulfilling and complete life within his or her community.

We will use a hands-on approach; however, also give latitude and flexibility to provide each recovering individual to have his or her own experience, as they would in real life. We aim to work with each individual’s upper limit and begin the process where they are at- we will meet them where they are.

Based on our personal and professional experiences, we are firm believers that alcoholism and drug addiction fall under the category of disease; it is not a failure of will-power or strength of character. We use a holistic approach to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, focusing recovery from alcohol and drug addiction which centres around healing the whole person. We know that alcoholism and drug addiction are just the symptoms of an individual´s disease, which affects their entire self. Our medical professionals and recovery staff have years of experience helping people recover from a variety of substance abuse.

We are confident in offering recovering individuals with a permanent solution to a futile battle against their personal addictive patterns. We believe that recovery is possible and that you can live a life based on trust and love rather than fear – You can recover from any hopeless and deadly disease and be content in your being, free from affliction.

As a result of consistent work in this field, we have come to know that the recovering alcoholic or addict has al alter self-expressed in one of two polar personalities, that part of them that needs healing.

Our high staff-to-resident ratio of 1:2 enables us to provide a highly individualized recovery plan. We consider each person from a biological, psychological, social, and spiritual point of view. We focus on the whole person, not only their addiction, and address each of their specific needs with a unique, tailored program.

Re-Cover aims to facilitate the most complete and affordable recovery experience possible. We aim to remain accessible to more people by offering competitive prices without making compromises on the quality of the services we offer.

We will meet you where you are. Recovery starts here.

“I have never been taught how to live a normal life, doing normal stuff such as providing for myself and taking responsibility for my own life. Vera has taught me how to be independent and stand on my own two feet as a sober woman out in the real world. With her support, guidance and encouragement I become more and more secure in myself and how two navigate in everyday sober life so that I can live a happy and healthy life.

I have never been able to be clean and sober for this long, and I have never worked so intensely with myself before. My relationship with my family is better than ever, and for once in my life, I can see myself having a happy, successful and full future, where I can use my full potential. Vera helped me focus on the things I am good at, acknowledge and face the hardship and pain of my past, helped me put the pieces together and move forward without regrets. I have become aware of old patterns of behavior and this awareness helps catch myself in them.

Working with Vera has helped me with my food habits, going from either binge eating or eating nothing at all, to now a healthy relationship with healthy food because I am learning to love and care for myself. I work out and work with myself on a mental and internal level, I feel transformed into someone I never thought possible. My eyes have opened to the real world for the first time.”

Katrine S. (Denmark)


“I have had a big drug abuse problem for many years, that has scared me. I was generally not happy, had a bad relationship with my family and most of all with myself. I was unable to sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time, I had very bad food habits, I didn´t exercise, and I had no goals in life, I had no dreams. To top it off I found that I had developed diabetes type 1, which has been completely out of control for the last year.  

Then I heard about Vera and her work through a friend. He spoke about the many good things to do, such as strength training, kickboxing, good advice for food, breathwork, meditation, healing, various excursions, even the opportunity to learn new things such as playing a musical instrument.

My experiences in Spain are only positive, and I am clearly a better version of myself. I am happy, have confidence, ambition, have a good relationship with my family again. I sleep at night, eat healthy, and my physical performance improved by over 25% in the first month alone. My diabetes also improved dramatically during that time: I am now on 2 units of insulin as opposed to the 8 I was on when I first arrived. I am grateful to the good people who believed and worked with me.”

Michael B. (Denmark)