In a world where most professional set ups are run for profit, we wish to implement a fully selfless organizational structure.


Re-Cover International 100% Charity Organization

Re-Cover International Charity was born as a result of a deep desire to create a more significant impact in the world at a faster pace, free of religion and corruption. After years of experience in the Charity sector and after seeing the cracks in the system first-hand, we at Re-Cover have decided to be the change we want to see in the world.

Our organization supports a wide variety of on-going charity projects run by members of the team and eager volunteers, where we apply a strict 100% donations policy, meaning that each cent is strictly spent on the project, and none of these funds are ever spent on administration cost.


The Re-Covery Home and Re-Cover Training have committed to cover travel and living expenses of the facilitators and are able to ensure that all donations be spend strictly on the charitable projects. At the end of each year Re-Cover Charity selects a projects submitted by our volunteers.

We guarantee 100% of your money will go to the projects and not to administrations cost.

Our Completed Projects

The Hurriya Project


 Hurriya means freedom in Arabic. Nicolai Engelbrecht initiated this project in 2018. It aims to deliver trauma relief programs to refugees and victims of war in the Middle East.

The rising numbers and waves of refugees inspired this project with the belief that if we can reduce the trauma of victims of war and poverty, and thus improve their quality of life, they will have tools to cope with and overcome their challenging circumstances rather than to fall deeper into suffering.

As part of the Hurriya Project, in 2018 a fundraising campaign was set up to support a local children’s hospital in Gaza. In 2019 a teacher training was successfully launched in Egypt to support the local community to grow stronger with a more positive outlook on life. As a result of the Re-Cover teamwork, women’s meetings to support the growth of equality between genders were set up and are now ongoing.



It is our belief that an individual is only fully recovered once he or she is willing to help and serve in the community and therefore, we encourage and invite our recovery program graduates, as well as our trainees to get involved and contribute in any way they chose to.