“We are only able to share what we have experienced on our own body and mind. You will push your boundaries and step into the unknown.” – Nicolai Engelbrecht


 Nicolai Engelbrecht has developed “The Metatronic Breathing Method”. And is a direct result of a decade of extensive and varied studies under the world’s most knowledgeable yet inaccessible masters, monks and teachers and his extensive experience as a certified breathwork instructor under one of the largest foundations in the world, where he touched the lives of 1000s of individuals. MBM is a simple, effective, sustainable and non-secular practice suitable for everybody.




The MBM is a mixture of soft yet powerful breathing techniques fused with mind management tools to create a daily practice for individuals looking to build a sustainable energy within their body.
It has proven especially effective to break negative patterns such as anxiety, addiction, depression, and stress.

The 3-5 day workshop is delivered to your establishment, be it your workplace, educational institutions, a private home, or attended in one of our approved locations around the world.

For more info on upcoming courses, please get in contact with us or visit our Facebook page.


Our advanced facilitator courses are only for professionals with experience in the field of healing arts like Yoga, coaching, mentoring, 12 steps sponsoring, and healing. If you feel the calling to go through the training but are unsure if you are ready, please contact us directly.

The training “A Path to Freedom” delivered at three levels

Level 1

Level one comprises of a three days non-residential workshop.

This workshop is an entry-level program for our teacher training
The focus of this workshop, consisting of 20 hours of teaching, is to provide you with a strong and unshakeable foundation as an MBM facilitator. The main focus is to push past your comfort zone, enabling you to stand up in front of an audience in your authentic truth.

Those who study with sincerity and pass the examination will receive their first certificate under MBM and be able to share the basic MBM techniques with their clients and friends upon completion of the workshop.

Level 2

Comprises of a 7 days residential workshop.

You will learn and be trained to teach the full MBM system in an in-depth study and how-to guide and facilitate the Cosmic Breathing among other powerful breathing techniques.


Level 3

Individuals may get invited personally by Nicolai to join this training .

“We are only able to share what we have experienced on our own body and mind. You will push your boundaries and step into the unknown.” – Nicolai Engelbrecht