About Us

The Cornerstones of Re-Cover


In 2019 Vera and Nicolai meet through an educational workshop and instantly felt a deep mutual understanding for the missing link within the rehabilitation and recovery sector, it quickly became clear that by joining forces they would be able to create a potent and revolutionary program together,

Nicolai And Vera established Re-cover, after their individual experience of working in the field of de-addiction and sustainable recovery for years. With a sincere wish to look at recovery with a new and broader outlook, taking the entire human constellation into consideration and creating a positive and compassionate shift in our society Re-Cover was established. Re-cover is not only a privately-run recovery home but also an educational institution delivering workshops and retreats for private people as well as professionals who want to support their community through breathing techniques and cognitive therapy skills. We are involved in and personally run a wide variety of yearly charity projects where we guarantee that 100% of all donations go directly to the project. We believe that an individual is only fully recovered once he or she is willing to help in the community. Therefore, we extend an invitation to all people going thought any of our projects to contribute in the way they chose to.

The Re-Cover Team

Vera Terzieva

Vera has a diverse professional experience in the private sector and has worked in very renowned institutions such as United Nations and Société Générale to name a few. Despite her initial interest and success in the business world, Vera always felt compelled to contribute to the world at more personal and direct level.

To fulfil her calling, over the last 4 years she has been doing voluntary work with alcoholics and addicts, as well as being fully immersed in Cocaine Anonymous service work at a World Service level as Chair of Public Information representing Spain. After positive feedback, followed by multiple requests to participate as a speaker at 12 Step recovery conventions, and great recognition in the 12 step circles Vera was headhunted and offered to commit to her true aspiration on full time basis. At the end of 2018 she dedicated herself fully to creating a shift in the recovery substance abuse industry by initiating a holistic centre, based in Southern Spain, to offer a sustainable path to freedom from addiction and pain for those who are looking for an alternative solution to recover from the disease of addiction.

Nicolai Engelbrecht

Nicolai Engelbrecht has spent the past decade transforming ancient practices and timeless knowledge into ones that accessible in today´s society. After studying in some of the most secluded places in the world, learning from yogi Masters in India to Taoist priest in China, Nicolai returned to Europe with a non-secular and powerful practice of breathing technique and meditation to optimize the lives of the thousands of people he has already taught in 15 countries.

In 2014 Nicolai became an international breathwork teacher and team coordinator as part of his training in a world known NGO. While there he was nominated for a “UNESCO Peace Prize” for his work in prisons in the United Kingdom and for setting up a sustainable and effective community program, which is still operational today.

Among many numerous media appearances on radio, television, and newspaper articles, a Danish television station made a documentary about Nicolai’s journey which became the most watch short film of the year.

Most recently, in 2019, Nicolai co-founded Re-Cover International: a non-secular, innovative, and good willing cooperation creating a collateral expansive shift in society one breath at a time, empowering individuals to take full responsibility.

Bergsteinn Jónson

Bergsteinn Jónsson has a wealth of experience in management and leadership. He studied anthropology and international development and worked at UNICEF Iceland for fourteen years, thereof five years as Executive Director. He also served two years on the Standing Group of UNICEF National Committees.

Alongside his professional credentials, Bergsteinn has a deep rooted understanding of yogic meditation and philosophy as a spiritual seeker and a meditator for more than 25 years. His studies include Tantric meditation, philosophy and yoga practices. Bergsteinn studied at length in India and various countries of the world and implement this spiritual outlook in his leadership at UNICEF Iceland.

Most recently, Bergsteinn has become the exclusive representative for Re-Cover International in Iceland. He is the first certified teacher of the Metatronic Breathing Method. His new role places him in a unique position to make the simple and highly effective tools, offered by Re-Cover International, accessible to corporations in the Western world, improving productivity, performance and culture in the workplace.


To initiate independence and sustainable change in individuals, empowering them to step into their full potential and becoming of service to themselves and others.


Our vision is to help countless people all around the world, reclaim their lives from and free themselves from destructive patterns, directly and indirectly. Along with our dedication to help others achieve a life of permanent sobriety, inner peace, and abundance, we believe that each life we touch will touch lives furthermore and thus creating a global healing impact.




we strive to always do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it, and be truthful about what we do at all times.



we treat the whole person: mind, body and soul to achieve a healthy recovery.



our experience has provided us with the confidence that permanent sobriety is achievable to anyone willing to follow our direction.



we will push the limits, but respect boundaries.



we are not afraid to challenge discrimination or poor behaviour in our colleagues, clients or others.



we perceive inner and outer awareness are vital for leading a fulfilling and worthy life.



we strive to provide an excellent recovery service seriously and always remain committed open to learning and improving.



we are committed and love what we do. We have understanding and tolerance for the recovering individual´s struggles and behaviours, we remain non-judgemental yet firm.