Bringing healing to the world, one person at a time.

Re-Cover International LTD is a multi-layered organization whose mission is to assist the evolution of society by facilitating sustainable and effective recovery and transformation for those who suffer from alcohol and drug dependencies, addictive and destructive patterns, PTSD, trauma related conditions and more.

We strive to accomplish our mission via three major channels.

The Re-Covery Home

A unique, personalised and well-rounded experience designed to build a strong foundation for a freshly clean, sober and recovered individual enabling him or her to step back into the real world with power and perspective.

Our Re-Covery Home empowers recovering alcoholics and addicts to embrace their reality within an environment that fosters self-awareness. So You can permanently step out of Your drug dependency through a holistic and evidence-based method of self-discovery through a range of treatments: healthy diet, breathing techniques, medical treatment, individual counselling sessions, group sessions, educational programs, wellness programs, contact with nature, volunteer work, recreational activities, access to 12 step fellowships, meetings and sponsors. The facilities are in the lush environment of the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain.

Re-Cover Training Programs

Re-Cover offers personal and group sessions and specific holistic training for people who are already, or looking to be, educated within the field of recovery combined with body and breathwork. The Metatronic Breathing Method is a system that Nicolai Engelbrecht has developed through years of experience and studies of various methods of creating a profound and scientifically proven shift within the human being using breathing techniques and cognitive therapy skills. Under his direction, our educational and training establishment delivers workshops, lectures, seminars and retreats internationally, for private people and professionals who want to support their community, creating a ripple and saving lives.

Re-Cover International 100% Charity

As part of a more significant belief that we are here to help the planet evolve Re-cover International has established this charity.
This is not a traditional charity The Re-Cover Charity is what we our self like to call a 100% charity.
Meaning a charity where 100% of all donations and funds raised in support of specific causes are injected directly into their running cost rather than on large office premises, first-class flight tickets and other spoils, unlike other charities. If there are any causes you are passionate about, do not hesitate to contact us and submit your proposal. We can always use help and volunteers, so if you feel a calling.
Please do get in touch if you feel a calling to create a shift!

Professionals – Community Partnerships

At Re-Cover we believe that within the treatment, recovery and sober institutions, we all need to work together towards our common purpose of the industry, and furthermore humanity. Which is to help individuals break free from their battle against substance abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD or other trauma-related conditions, enabling them to live fulfilling and fruitful lives within society, and to help others in need.

We build and maintain relationships with professional organizations which share our mission and vision. We encourage trust, teamwork, cooperation and open communications, and strive to understand the needs of the communities and work with other service providers and community resources to offer care to those whom we serve.

We collaborate with:


Privately Operated Companies


Governmental Bodies


Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Facilities


Educational Institutions


Private Individuals


You could increase the list